Who we helped

Providing Reliable and Trustworthy Mechanical Repairs to GemLife’s Fleet

The Problem:

GemLife is an asset management company that oversees the purchasing, selling, and maintenance of light vehicles and transport and earthmoving equipment. With a fleet of over 80 light vehicles, 35 light to medium trucks, and 120 machines, it is essential to have a reliable and trustworthy mechanical repairer. The company was looking for a partner who could provide valuable knowledge and history of their machines, track and maintain their fleets, and offer proactive fleet maintenance services.

The Solution:

Our team at ADMR became GemLife’s mechanical repairs partner, offering valuable knowledge and the history of their machines. We tracked and maintained their fleets through The Fleet Office software, and provided proactive maintenance schedules and servicing advice.

We provided GemLife with after-hours support and travelled to locations outside of our workshop to assist them with their fleet. Not only that, we provided and continue to provide 6-monthly inspections to ensure their fleet remains in top condition. We also always ensure our mechanics always seek approval from GemLife’s Asset Manager before proceeding with larger jobs, making us stand out.

The Result:

Our proactive approach to fleet maintenance and reliable mechanical repair services has made us valuable partners to GemLife’s fleet. Our willingness to go the extra mile to provide after-hours support and travel to locations outside the workshop has been greatly appreciated by the team at GemLife. GemLife’s Asset Manager is extremely satisfied with our workmanship, communication, and proactive approach to maintenance. Overall, we have become an integral part of GemLife’s fleet maintenance and repair operations, ensuring their fleet always remains in top condition.